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Competence-based education

​The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a standard that aims to serve as an international way of measuring the level of comprehension and oral and written expression in a language. In addition to a competence-based education, the possibility of organizing language learning contents in full meaning units is established, promoting problem solving "one at a time" and promoting the interrelation among its components. Such a feature allows the design of sequenced and integrated modules for the optimum development of communication skills.   Three out of five proficiency levels required for mastering a language proposed in the CEFR, are interpreted in the context of IPN to allow program updates and adaptations of each existing academic unit, thus going into a cutting-edge educational mode that does not only allow student mobility but also promotes competence assessment through internationally accepted instruments, a fact that boosts the students’ necessity to develop their communicative skills. The global reference levels described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages are of great importance to define the knowledge and skills required for the design of a program: Learning, Teaching, Assessment, in proficiency levels A1-A2, B1 and B2:

 Basic user A1-A2

A basic user is able to participate in conversations with reasonable comfort in structured situations and short conversations, provided that the counterpart provides help if needed.
The user interacts in simple and routine exchanges without much effort, asks and answers questions, exchanges ideas and information on familiar topics in predictable situations of daily life.

 Independent user B1

An independent user is able to make optimal use of simple linguistic repertoire in order to cope with most situations that may arise when traveling.
Without prior preparation, an independent user participates in discussions dealing with everyday topics, expresses personal opinions and exchanges information on familiar topics of personal interest or everyday life (family, hobbies, work, travel and current events).

 Independent user B2

An independent user is able to participate in discussions with a certain degree of fluency and spontaneity that enables regular interaction with native speakers without difficulty for either party.
He or she also highlights the personal importance of certain events and experiences, expressing and defending views with eloquence, providing adequate explanations and arguments.
This user has a good grammatical control of what he or she says, and makes use of proper register under different circumstances.

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